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No basketball, no problem!

I've take the top 16 things that buyers have told me are important in their new home search and created a fun bracket game to determine once and for all what West Michigan thinks is the most important factor in home buying today!

The mtchups are set for the Estate 8!

Cast your vote for the features you want most in your new home!

Voting will end Sunday, March 29 and the winners will advance to the next round.

Eastern Conference


Western Conference

Selling 16 Estate 8
For Sale Four
Championship Four Sale Four
Estate 8
Selling 16
New Roof             Monthly Payment
  New Roof         Monthly Payment  
New carpet/floors             Taxes
New Furnace             Neighborhood
  New Furnace         Neighborhood  
New Windows             School District
Kitchen           Backyard/acreage
  Kitchen         Swimming Pool  
Paint Colors             Swimming Pool
Finished Basement             Garage
  Finished Basement         Garage  
Curb Appeal
            Pole Barn